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At Ento Farm we equip our member Ento Farms (Ento Farmers) with the best customizable insect farming systems for large scale and sustainabe production. Together our aim is to create the largest decentralized Insect Farm in the World

“Ready to use” Ento Farms for our Ento Farmers

Profitable Business Model

Guaranteed ento prices
Your own businesscoach

Access to “State of the art” technology
Access to funds
Access to markets

Lease construction

“Innovation is to change livestock into micro-livestock”

“Custom Made” Ento Production for our Customers

Proven, controllable, scalable and stable insect breeding & processing technology

Customer Driven Manufacturing
According to desired production protocols

Supply & Purchase Power
Economies of scale
Extensive support service

Best insect farming practices (highest quality and safety)

“Innovation is to look at new raw materials”

Insects to Feed the World - Conference

Meet our king of bioconversion

The Black Soldier Fly

BSF (Hermetia illucens) is multi-beneficial, their larvae feed on manure, compost, and other organic waste

4 wks
BSF life cycle (Eggs to larvae to pupae to fly )
15 kg
One square meter of BSFL will eat daily
400 x
Multiplying their body weight in three days
30 kg
100 kg of waste can be converted in ? BSFL

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