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Van nature gluten vrij

Deze zak bevat geheel gedroogde meelwormen. Deze kunnen worden gegeten als appetizer of in gerechten worden verwerkt zoals quiches, salades of desserts.

Inhoud: ca 2500 meelwormen, goed voor ca. 50 personen.

These boxes contain mealworms. They are to be eaten as an appetizer or can be incorporated in culinary preparations such as quiches, salads or desserts

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This product contains about 2500 mealworms.
Perfect for 50 persons.

How to eat them ?
As you feel really : In your dishes or a light snack, sweet or savoury.

Recipe ideas :
Roasted pumpkin, mealworm and feta quiche.
Almond ice-cream with caramel roasted mealworms and hazelnuts.

Ingredients :
Whole dehydrated mealworms** (Tenebrio molitor)

Our products contain similar allergens to shellfish.

Nutritional values for 100g :
Energy 507 kcal / 2120 kJ
Lipids 27.6g (of which 6.34g of saturated)
Carbohydrates 3.7g (of which traces of sugar)
Fibres 4.1g
Proteins 58.8g
Salt 0.4g.

**exclusively fed with organic ingredients.

Net weight : 100 g

Shelf life : 12 months


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