Crackers in 4 hartige smaken

Deze ambachtelijke crackers, bereid met meelwormen, zijn in Frankrijk gemaakt met ingrediënten die komen van de biologische boerderij. Op dit moment beschikbaar in 4 hartige smaken: Tex-Mex, Sesam, Happy Tijm en Chili. Perfecte en heerlijke snacks.

These handmade crackers, prepared with our whole mealworms, are made in France with ingredients coming from organic farming. Currently available in four savory flavors, they make perfect and tasty snacks

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For those crackers “Chili” Flavored you will discover some light paprika note and Espelette pepper that brings a spicy taste .

For those crackers “Happy Thyme” Flavored you will discover the flavor of some south of France typical aromatic plants such as Thyme or Rosemary with dehydrated mealworms.

For those crackers “Sesame” flavored you will discover the taste of this cereal with dehydrated mealworms.

For those crackers “Tex-Mex” Flavored you will discover some onions notes with dehydrated mealworms.

The Micronutris’ edible insects are grown in the very first French edible insects farm. Naturally Gluten free, insects provides remarkable environmental and nutritional benefits : A very low water and vegetables consumption, no methane excrements, high protein and nutrient value. Moreover all of our insects are exclusively feed with food coming from organic farming therefore without GMOs.

Chili Crackers
Nutritional values for 100g :
Energy: 2028 kJ / 484 kcal
Lipids: 20g (of which 15g of saturated fatty acids)
Carbohydrates: 56g (of which 2g of sugar)
Fibres: 5,1g
Proteins: 16g
Salt: 1,7g

Weight : 90 gr


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